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We should all embrace basic etiquette

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They are the social rules that keep the world ticking over nicely. What's important to you when it comes to basic etiquette?

I may come across as overly negative in some of my posts, but I think I am justified in my opinions and I hope you agree. Today, I'd like to propose some behaviours that I consider to be basic etiquette, which should be adopted by everyone. 

Putting your phone away while eating with someone is basic etiquette (Image: Shutterstock).

Putting your phone away while eating with someone is basic etiquette (Image: Shutterstock)

Sadly, they seem to be lacking in today's society and this causes frustration for many.

So here goes:

Escalators: If you are going to be walking up or down an escalator, please stick to the right, but if you are just standing on it, stay left.

The other day I was rushing to my train and missed it, because of inconsiderate people standing on the same step, blocking anybody who was hoping to pass and refusing to move when asked. It is ridiculous how often this happens.

Footpaths: To me, the same should apply for footpaths.

Firstly skateboards, scooters and bikes shouldn't be used on footpaths because of the risk to pedestrians.

Groups on footpaths should not spread out across the width of the path, as it becomes difficult for people walking the other way, or those in a hurry trying to manoevre past.

How often do you encounter a group spread across the footpath coming from the opposite direction that force you momentarily onto the road to get past? Sometimes I think these people need a good bump.

Ordering food: Please don't get in line before you've thought about what you are going to order.There is nothing more frustrating than waiting behind someone who takes five minutes to order because they are dithering about, deciding what they want. 

Mobile phones: I think mobile phones are great, but if you are eating with someone, it is polite to put your phone down and converse like humans. If you are expecting an important call, you will still be able to hear it if it's in your pocket or face-down on the table.

What are your thoughts? Are basic manners lacking today? And what would you like to see embraced?

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